Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to rent and buy our properties?

Any person and family in need of a place to call a home subject to affordability assessment as it is our main criteria. If you can afford to rent from us, we believe it is fair to offer you the opportunity to buy it off us. We will also ask for references from previous landlords/employer and conduct credit checks, but bad credit does not mean automatic rejection. We will consider individual circumstances.

How is this different from traditional renting?

We offer you added advantage of buying a house you rent while also enjoying the peace of mind to keep pets and renovate/decorate your home as you wish.

How much fee do you charge?

If you want to take the opportunity to buy our property, you only need to pay a deposit. This depends on property type, price and personal circumstances. If you are not taking the opportunity to buy it, We won’t charge any fee other than your monthly rent.

Can I make changes to the house?

It is your home which means You are free to do many things you will normally be restricted from doing in traditional letting such as keeping pets and renovations.

What happens if I miss my rent?

You will not immediately lose your home, but It is significantly important that you pay your rent regularly. If you cannot pay your rent for some reason out of your control, speak to us so we can hopefully offer a more flexible solution while you can get back on track.

Can I rent first and express interest to buy later?

No, In most cases. We agree both monthly rent and the price to buy the property from us before you move into your home.

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