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Reaching Development Milestones

We take pleasure in bringing hope to life. Our focus is to promote opportunity for first time buyers that are stuck in the rental market and people wishing to move to a bigger house. We believe that embracing innovation will bring the fundamental change needed in the rental sector. We are here to champion this change.

We all want to have a place to call home without all the traditional restrictions facing tenants such as the need to move when a landlord wants to sell their house, renovation issues, and the expensive fees charged by estate agents. Getting a mortgage may seem to be the solution for aspiring homeowners to address these challenges. 

However, It is not news that saving sufficient deposit and qualifying for a mortgage is far away from reality in most cases. We have a vested interest to break this barrier. Get in touch today to make your home ownership dream become reality.  


Spurs Property

Elevating homeownership dreams for ordinary

people with real needs

Spurs Property

Rent to own with confidence

Our Vision

It is clear that both the council and housing associations cannot resolve the UK housing crisis alone. We want to play our part by buying existing properties and building new homes for ordinary people with real needs. Our plan is to eliminate the fundamental challenges most aspiring homeowners and families face when it comes to transitioning from renting to buying a dream home.  


Our business model is designed to both benefit our investors and aspiring homeowners. We partner with investors that share our vision to optimize our results, while equally helping people set their foot on a trusted path to achieving their home ownership goals. Take action now! Your dream home is within your reach than you think. 

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What We Offer

Rent to Buy

We bring you the benefits of renting your dream home while also giving you the absolute control to buy your home from us after the rental period ends at a predetermined price. This will give you the chance to plan for a mortgage while you are already living in your dream home. It is not just a promise. It is what we do naturally.

No fees, No obligation to buy. Your smile is our inspiration.

Who Can We Help

Anyone that passes our suitability and affordability assessment even if below applies to you:

          Little deposit



          No credit history or poor credit 

          Looking for a bigger house

           Planning to apply for a mortgage in the future


          Want to avoid letting  agents

          Recently moved to the UK

We offer homes purely on first-come, first-served basic.

Why Choose to Rent from Us

You get to choose the kind of property you want and where you want it.

You have protected opportunity to buy your home from us after the agreed rental period. 

The buying price of your home is fixed right from the moment you rent from us. This means you will enjoy considerable equity gain upon buying your home. 

You have the legal control of your home while renting —we can’t sell your home or ask you to leave (except you fail to pay rent or break the contract terms)

Opportunity to live in your dream home before you even buy it.

We simplify getting onto the property ladder. 

You are renting and buying at the same time giving you sufficient time to plan before applying for a mortgage and the motivation to save toward your deposit.  

You have the freedom to renovate and keep pets. 

You do not need to deal with letting agents.



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Contact us

Whether you looking to step on the property ladder or you are looking to move up the property ladder Spurs Property offers it all.

Speak to us today to fast track your homeownership journey. 

Address: Suite 85, 63-66 Hatton Garden

Holborn, London EC1N 8LE

T: +44(0)2080503632

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